2-Bay (Dual) Hard Disk Drive / Solid-State Drive RAID System

by dsourcing


2-Bay (Dual) Hard Disk Drive / Solid-State Drive RAID System for Industrial Applications


@  2-Bay (Dual) Hard Disk Drive / Solid-State Drive RAID System: Using RAID-1 (Mirroring) technology, this product will mirrors data to the other disk drive simultaneously; avoiding equipment system downtime and also preserving (backup) important information, in the event of hard disk drive failure.

@  2-Bay (Dual) Hard Disk Drive / Solid-State Drive RAID System (with automatic data backup solution) is designed for manufacturing, Research and Development, aeronautical, marine, bio-medical, semiconductor industry and any other applications which require data storage.

@  Successful application in semiconductor manufacturing industry, for example. LCD, LED, Solar, Foundries and RAM Fabs.

@  Adjustable SATA hard disk drive or Solid-State Drive [SSD] capacity: Disk drive capacity can be modified by proprietary firmware to solve the potential compatibility issues in different systems.

@  SATA Standard hard disk drive and Solid-State Drive [SSD] (2.5”) can be used.

@  Customize software design: For different production systems or other applications, customize design is available.

@  SATA, SCSI & IDE interfaces are available.

@  Automatic backup of data from one disk drive to another disk drive simultaneously.

@  Hot swappable disks capability, which will not impact or interrupt manufacturing processes.

n  Real-time monitoring of disk status and auto-alert of disk failure by LED/LCD.

@  Unique battery backup module:  When power supply is unstable, battery backup module will maintain stable voltage output to the RAID system.

@  Driverless, 100% hardware RAID system; which allows plug and play capability.

@  Dimensions: 14.6cm (Length) x 10.2cm (Breath) x 2.7cm (Height).

@  On-site installation by Dsourcing engineers.

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